Amir Rosentuler, Executive Chairman


Amir is the Executive Chairman of MotorK, having joined the Company in 2020. He is a highly regarded and experienced leader responsible for overseeing MotorK’s relationship with the investor community, among other objectives.

Amir has over 25 years of management and entrepreneurship experience within leading tech companies, including more than 15 years serving at NASDAQ and NYSE-listed companies. He previously served as Co-CEO of Deutsche Telekom HBS Inc., a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Amir currently serves as the Chairman or Board Director of several companies, including Radix Technologies Ltd, Quantum Hub, Compit,, Nostromo Energy, emaze, Openvalley Israel.

Amir completed an executive program at Babson College.

Marco Marlia, CEO


Marco is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of MotorK. He has a passion for innovation and has accelerated MotorK’s growth whilst maintaining its unique culture and core values.

A serial entrepreneur, Marco has over 20 years of experience launching and scaling innovative digital companies. Prior to MotorK, between 2000 and 2010, he co-founded several online companies focused on web development, search engine marketing and lead generation.

Marco is focused on leading MotorK to drive the digital transformation of the automotive industry and provide manufacturers and dealers with innovative solutions to improve consumers’ experiences when purchasing cars. Under his leadership, MotorK has been recognised by multiple organizations as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, as well as become a trusted partner to more than 90% of car brands in EMEA.

Marco holds a master’s degree in Economics & Business Finance from Bocconi University. He won Automotive News Europe’s Rising Stars award in 2019 and is the author of the first operational manual for digital dealers, which has been translated into five languages.

Laurel Bowden, Non-Executive Director


Ms. Bowden is a partner at 83 North. She has over 15 years of investment experience and has led investments in and been on the boards of many leading European technology companies, including iZettle (acquired by PayPal), Just Eat (LSE: JE), Ebury (50% acquired by Santander), Hybris (acquired by SAP), and Qliktech (NASDAQ: QLIK). Some of Ms. Bowden’s current company boards and investments include BlueVine, Critizr, Celonis, Exotec, Form3, Holidu, HungryPanda, Lendbuzz, Mirakl, MotorK, Paddle, SellerX, Wolt and Workable. Ms. Bowden was previously on the boards of Investec PLC and Ltd and at JVP and GE Capital in London. For further information regarding leadership positions held by Ms. Bowden, see “General information about the Directors and the Executive Management Team”. Further, Ms. Bowden earned a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Cape Town and a MBA from INSEAD.

Måns Hultman, Non-Executive Director / Independent Director


Mr. Hultman has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry. He was chief executive officer of Qlik and a member of the board of directors of Hybris (since acquired by SAP). Since 2012, he has been partner at Zobito, which is a shareholder of the Company. In addition to serving as a Director of the Company, Mr. Hultman currently serves as a director for Ikano Group, Musikborsen AB, Zobito 1 and 2, Zobito 3 AB and Crossbow AB and an owner of Tassaka AB. Previously, Mr. Hultman served in various leadership positions for other companies. For further information regarding those leadership positions, see “General information about the Directors and the Executive Management Team”.

Mauro Pretolani, Non-Executive Director / Independent Director


Mr. Pretolani is senior partner at Fondo Italiano d’investimento SGR, a venture capital fund mainly acting in the Italian market, a position he has held since 2017. In addition, Mr. Pretolani currently serves as a director for Termo, Healthware Group, Everli (formerly Supermercato24), and BeMyEye. For further information regarding leadership positions held by Mr. Pretolani, see “General information about the Directors and the Executive Management Team”. Further, Mr. Pretolani earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Sapienza Universita di Roma and a MBA from Harvard Business School.