As of 27th of July 2022

  • 83 North III L.P 19.3%
  • M. Marlia 13.5%
  • F. Gurgone 13.0%
  • M. De Michele 13.0%
  • Zobito AB(1) 7.0%
  • Others(2) 7.7%
  • Free Float 26.5%

(1)Aggregated Zobito ownership through various vehicles

(2)Includes shareholders present prior to IPO and/or subject to lock-up restrictions


Ticker: MTRK
Listing market: Euronext Amsterdam
IPO date: November 5, 2021


Total share count: 40,667,593

Each share confers its holder the right to cast one vote at the Company’s general meeting


Analyst Coverage Table
Firm Analyst Recommendation Target Price Publication
Berenberg logo Andreas Markou


+44 20 3753 3022
BUY € 9.0 25/07/22
ABN AMRO logo Iulian Dobrovolschi


+31 65 771 0390
OUTPERFORM € 8.4 25/07/22
Median Target Price € 8.7


Financial Forecasts(1) in €m 2020A 2021A 2022E 2023E 2024E
Revenues 19.3 27.6 44.5 59.1 71.7
Growth %   42.6% 61.5% 32.8% 21.3%
Adj. EBITDA (1.1) 0.8 6.6 12.7 17.8
Margin % (5.9%) 3.0% 14.7% 21.5% 24.8%

Note: (1)Analyst Consensus is calculated as the median of latest estimates published by the various financial analysts.

Disclaimer: MotorK Plc is covered by various financial analysts, who regularly publish reports in respect of the company. The consensus provided on this website, has been compiled by the Company for information purpose only. The underlying estimates are based on ratings made by independent financial analysts who stay in regular communication with MotorK Plc.

Any opinions, forecasts, estimates or predictions made by the analysts reflect their own views and do not represent the opinions, forecasts, estimates or predictions of MotorKPlc or its management. The overview does not represent a recommendation for an investment in MotorK shares. Further, it does not imply that the company endorses, concurs with or adopts such analyst estimates. MotorK assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of such estimates and undertakes no obligation to update or revise such estimates or the overview, even if they differ from our own forecasts or expectations.